Monday, March 27, 2006

Brice was kind enough to post a map which shows all the possible routes of the Trans-Siberian railway. Pinched from a really good website The Trans-Siberian is actually a name used for an amalgamation of many routes that cross the continents. We'll be heading from Osaka to Shanghai via ferry. After that, it's up to Beijing, on to Ulan Bator in Mongolia and from there we head to Moscow, possibly St. Petersburg too. In order to get to Poland we will be circumnavigating the not-so-traveller-friendly Belarus by going through Latvia and Lithuania. After Poland it's on to Germany, Netherlands and then France. Brice and I will part ways in France and I will continue on to Spain and hopefully Morocco. That's the plan as it stands now. Things may change due to weather, yetis, Mongolian camel rash or just laziness.


Blogger Off Yonder said...

Nice boys! Looks like a great adventure ahead. I've posted a link to ya'll on my Off Yonder website. Be sure to update as often as you can. Don't dissapoint your fans!

7:28 AM  
Blogger strongcvetich said...

Pete, I wish you all the best on the journey. I just wrote a bunch on this thing and the crappy connection then erased all of it.
I am jealous of the Mongolia experience. Very jealous.
Anyway, my last important point was that I may be in Croatia for while this summer, and if you are in Europe in June, which I think you may, you will then come for more adventure.

Brice, Bon voyage, j'espere qu'il n'y aura pas des problemes. Gardez Peter comme il etait un petit chien perdu.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Hey Pete. Be careful what you order to eat in Mongolia. Or at least don't look at it before you eat!
Test out that camera!!

8:31 AM  

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