Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm really not dead!

Hey everybody! I know I had you worried and waiting in anticipation as you scanned the blog and news media for information about the grim death of Peter E. Jayne. I'm glad to say that I'm still on this planet back in the arms of sweet mother America. She welcomed me back with a hug and cheek pinch and a knowing smirk that said she knew that I knew. I lasted all of ten days in Morocco three of which were spent purging my body of everything deemed unsafe by my bowels. It was a great experience and I met some beautiful people who will I forever be grateful too. Not just Morocco but all across Europe and Asia too. The world is full of these salty people, they just can't be suppressed. They're in the U.S. too. The first stop I made before really returning home was at my brother Sam's place in Brooklyn, N.Y.. My bro graciously let me crash in a full house and I had two weeks to figure out that I really do love N.Y.. I basically used the time to hang out with Sam and take it easy. After I spent all my money "seeing" New York and after I watched all the DVDs in the house I said good bye to Sam, his lovely roommates and New York. I got back to Washington about a month ago and I've spent most of my time with my folks and sister and looking for a job, which I found and started yesterday. Yes that's right, I'm back in the race, playing the game, acting the part. I'll be working at an art gallery that specializes in Japanese paintings from the early part of the last century. Two days into it and so far so good, haven't gotten the axe yet. In a few weeks I should be moving onto the Island of the Lost. We got a Laser sailboat so I'm going to do some uncoordinated sailing and some more swimmin' n' cursin' as I tip the boat. I've been meaning to put up some more pics but its piling up and I get exponentially more lazy as the work piles up. So clap your hands three times if you believe in me and we'll see what happens. Peaces of cake. P

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Africa at last!

So, I made it to Morocco. I went through Barcelona, Valencia, Granada and Algeciras to get here. I'm in Tangier listening to the cacophony of city sounds drifting through the window of the internet cafe. It's already starting to push out the memories of Spain but let's see if I can remember the good stuff. Barcelona was amazing and beautiful, like most of the places I've been but I think it was hands down the hippest place to date. It's a city full of youngsters pushing the boundaries of acceptable fashion. Dred lock mullets, gypsy pants and piercings everywhere made for some really interesting looks which I've dubbed the "Catalonian-cyberpunk-hippy-pirate" look. Barcelona is also full of hidden plazas with random sculpture planted here and there. Throw in the works by Gaudi (Sagrada de Familia, Park Guell) and you have a model city. Valencia was also amazing. More amazing architecture, a beautiful park, a great hostel, new friends and delicious orange juice put Valencia high up on the list too. After that I hit Granada for two nights and had no regrets. Granada is home to the Alhambra which (I think) is an old fortress/palace that was developed over such a long period of time that you have a mixture of Muslim and Christian influences on the architecture. A must see for people who like to look at really cool stuff. But if you dont like to look at really cool stuff you can just wander the streets of Granada staring at your feet (which isnt a bad idea, lotsa doggy presents on the ground). Algeciras was just the place that I caught the ferry to Tangier, the fast ferry to Tangier. They need one like that to Bainbridge. I forgot my USB cable today so you'll have to wait again for more pics. Meanwhile Brice has been putting up lots of photos, I guess his memory card didnt break the same way his camera did when I blew it apart with a shotgun. Peaces.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Boat hitchhike in Amsterdam

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Shot gun

Pas de probleme pour Peter a la fete foraine de Sens, il a degomme les quatres soucoupes.

Friday, May 12, 2006

OUPSS... left foot Peter! That s good luck!

sorry clement, hihihihihihi


Bremen, Germany, Georg LAND

Flying p-dog 2

J ai du succes avec les asiats!!

flying p-dog

il y a beaucoup de vent a Bremen

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Peter en Pologne

Eating Peter

Fishing Peter...

West coasting Peter


Brice de retour a la maison.

Hi peter, i m back in my jungle. The trip back in plane was terrible, i recommand u to never never take a chinese plane. But it s good to be home. C etait super chouette pietrovitch, Hontoni yokatta. Good luck for the next. Have a good one. Mach irk ballirrrla, saibainu, ginkue, wo sheu fagoren, matane pi-chan. On s est separe avec Peter a Marseille, maintenant il continue tout seul par l Espagne et l Afrique du Nord. Moi j ai pris un TGV pour Paris, j ai vu ma soeur et son amoureuse, ensuite j ai vu mon amoureuse secrete sous la tour Eiffel, c etait magique. Ensuite je suis rentre en avion, 12 heures seulement. J ai desherbe mon jardin a partir de 5 heures ce matin. Le decollage horaire. Je n ai plus un yen et j ai donc deja recommence a travailler. Mais le printemps est tres beau ici au Japon, mon jardin est vert comme l Amazonie. Mon ami Nicolas qui a habite chez moi s est tres bien occupe de tout. Il cuisine pour moi depuis que je suis rentre. Burichan wa genki dayo.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Moscow is a beautiful city. All I knew about was red square and the buildings surrounding it, but everywhere you look there is some amazing architecture that makes your jaw drop. Like me in this picture. Even the subway (the other picture) is amazing.

Train/market for cheap Chinese goods

It seemed to me that more than half the people riding the train hopped out every station to hawk cheap chinese clothing to bargain hungry Russians. Even the train crew were in on it. They would change out of their uniforms when the train pulled up and start selling everything from pink jackets to blankets. It was a blast to watch.


Here is a sunset as seen from the train that we took from Ulan Bator to Moscow. It was a five day train ride but it flew by unexpectedly. I could do it again in a heartbeat. The icy picture is just that. Ice, covering Lake Baikal in Russia. Its gargantuan.

Long Overdue Update

Wow, it's been almost two weeks since the last update. Since that time we've been to Bremen, Germany, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Metz, Provendiers, Dijon, Macon and Marseille, France. Brice and I said goodbye today too. He is heading back up to Paris and his home town one last time before heading back to Japan. It was hard to say goodbye after spending one whole month together, crossing thousands of miles of this Earth. Now I'm on my own and getting ready to head to Barcelona, Spain. I'll be taking the night bus so I'll have all day tomorrow to check out Barcelona. I've taken a bazillion more photos since the last update and organizing them is taking time so for now enjoy up to Bremen. I'll try to get Amsterdam through Marseilles up soon.