Sunday, May 07, 2006

Long Overdue Update

Wow, it's been almost two weeks since the last update. Since that time we've been to Bremen, Germany, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Metz, Provendiers, Dijon, Macon and Marseille, France. Brice and I said goodbye today too. He is heading back up to Paris and his home town one last time before heading back to Japan. It was hard to say goodbye after spending one whole month together, crossing thousands of miles of this Earth. Now I'm on my own and getting ready to head to Barcelona, Spain. I'll be taking the night bus so I'll have all day tomorrow to check out Barcelona. I've taken a bazillion more photos since the last update and organizing them is taking time so for now enjoy up to Bremen. I'll try to get Amsterdam through Marseilles up soon.


Blogger mym said...

So far, so good, Peter and Brice.
The armchair travel has been more than anticipated. Cheap seats, but lots of good travelling. You two are sharing so many good photos of so many good miles. It has really been worth the ride. Thanks for sharing.
Your friend, mym

8:45 PM  

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