Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Too long no write

So Brice and I are on our second and last day in Beijing, which means we have already taken the ferry from Osaka, Japan to Shanghai, China, goofed around in Shanghai, taken a night train to Beijng, ridden bikes around Beijing, eaten tons of awesome food, been to the great wall and back and here I sit writing about it. Time for writing this and for uploading photos has been scarce. It'll probably be that way until we get to Europe. Please be patient because we promise to have photos and more stories up as soon as possible. P


Blogger mym said...

Hey, peej! You covered a lot of territory all at once. I hope that Brice will write, too. It will be good practice for my French language review. Thanks for including all of us armchair travelers, glued to our computers. It's very fun, so far!
Love, mym

7:01 PM  
Blogger grga the confused said...

hey peter and brice!
glad you arrived well in china! how was the boat trip? did you see flying fish? and big jellyfish? how was shanghai for you? seems that you had a good time in beijing ;) your schedule is kinda tough, isn't it? well, i hope that you can have a relaxed look at mongolia. aaaah, i want to be there...
nothing special happening here, spring has come at last and i'm back to university. right now i am lonely in my room, quietly singing "i am waaaitiing for youuuu, deep insiide my heeeaaarrt..."
but unfortunately i am even more broke than i thought, so i don't know if i can go to poland or even to amsterdam :(
gaaah, gotta find something. rob somebody... KANE DASEYO!!
take care and have fun. like my friend said: "if you don't hear too much from somebody who's abroad he's doing well"

2:47 PM  
Blogger mym said...

Are you charging across the desert on your trusty steed? Have you eaten sand sandwiches yet? Have you met any of the Khan family? Is your guide's name Ghengis? Do I need a history lesson? (yes.) Can't wait to hear from you..
mym (again!)

11:21 AM  
Blogger grga the confused said...

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1:01 PM  
Blogger grga the confused said...

sain banyoo!
still alive?
do you remember all the crazy artists from bremen? they are looking forward to meet you again! (we had a meeting today and i told them that you are coming to europe)
greetz to you from them.
and from me.
and from my basil plant, which sprouted yesterday.
have fun and take care!! don't ever lose your passport!! better make copies of it and of all your visas and store them in a safe place.
love, georg

1:02 PM  

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