Thursday, April 13, 2006

Back from the desert!

Brice and I have returned from our trip to the Gobi desert. It was beautiful, cold, windy, sandy dirty and fun. The Gobi is full of sand, rocks short shrub-like plants, short horses, small deer-like animals, camels, goats, sheep, herdsmen and their beautiful children, gers (the traditional mongolian house) and animal bones. Our van was this really cool russian 4WD thing that caught on fire before we even left Ulaan Bataar. Our studly driver, Ama somehow replaced the entire carburetor in a half an hour and we were on our way. We drove about six hours a day and saw alot. The Gobi is an amazing place and its even more amazing that people live out there. I was going to try and upload some photos but that's proving extremely difficult at these east asian internet cafes. Brice and I are heading to Moscow tomorrow afternoon and that trip will take about five days. Once we get to Europe it will be easier to do all this techno stuff, bear with me for now and think good thoughts about our trip!


Blogger grga the confused said...

nice to hear from you!
i'm looking forward to see the pictures.. have fun on the train! make sure you got enough food on you.
i hope to see you in bremen soon.

1:14 PM  
Blogger mym said...

I've named this blog "galloping across the Gobi." Thanks for thinking of all of us back home.
We're heading to Cameron's offyonder slideshow tonight of the South Pole, New Zealand,and OZ. What's OZ? I'll find out. I was thinking of the Wizard, but that's Sam and he's in San it can't be that. Love, mym

5:28 PM  
Blogger Off Yonder said...

Pete! Heard you had a cold time out in the desert! Ha ha! Had a good slideshow on the world's largest, highest, dryest, windiest and coldest desert. Saw your crew there. Keep those photos organized so it's a snap to upload when you get to a good place to do so. Ciao!

12:19 PM  

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